Cloud Journal

Cloud Journal is a body of artworks that is focused on the present moment. Embracing the moment - here and now- a cloud is drawn from the sky. A peace quote is dedicated to that cloud moment.

The creativity of cloud journal is dedicated towards a peaceful inner awareness drawn from the beauty of the blue sky and noticing how cloud forms appear, drift by and disappear. Each moment comes and goes, naturally, like a cloud in the sky but the presence, or sky remains.

In the same way, peace is the true nature of the mind, in that it is the same as the underlying nature of the vast blue sky. Cloud journal is inspired by this idea, that the mind’s innate radiance and human contentment can only be an inner experience of the mind, regardless of what thought forms float through the mind.

The sky holds all phenomena such as clouds, storms or stormy clouds, lightening…. but underneath, remains the same peaceful blue sky.

The mind, like the vast blue sky is radiant and luminescent.